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Main Idea:

  • Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is an iconic landmark in Malaysia that has been around since 1997, with several expansions that have made it one of the largest malls in the country today.
  • The mall is renowned for its Egyptian revival architectural style, featuring a giant lion statue and pharaoh statues among other distinctive features, such as an orange and blue atrium that adds to the mall’s unique vibe.
  • With over 800 stores and services, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as ample parking space and several mall zones to cater to different preferences and interests.


Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is one of the top shopping destinations located in Selangor, Malaysia. With over 400 retail outlets, the mall showcases a range of international brands, local designers, and popular chain stores. Featuring various themed retail zones, including Asian Avenue and Oasis Boulevard, the mall offers a diverse shopping experience for visitors. Additionally, the mall has a myriad of entertainment options, including a cineplex, an ice skating rink, and a large indoor amusement park. Visitors can also indulge in a range of culinary delights, with over 160 food and beverage outlets catering to all taste preferences. Overall, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall ensures an unforgettable shopping experience for all visitors.


As I walk through the vibrant and bustling halls of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, I can’t help but wonder about its history. The mall has been around for quite some time, and it has undergone numerous changes over the years. One of the most significant events in the mall’s history was its grand opening, which drew crowds from all over Malaysia. Since then, Sunway Pyramid has undergone several expansions, making it one of the largest malls in the country.

In this section, we’ll delve into the fascinating history of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, exploring both its opening and its subsequent expansions.

Opening of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

The inception of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall marked a revolutionary chapter in Malaysia’s retail industry. It is an iconic establishment situated in the heart of Bandar Sunway, Selangor. The opening of this mega mall was a tremendously significant event for Malaysians who had been waiting eagerly for such an innovative space to shop, dine and indulge in recreational activities. With its grand opening, Sunway Pyramid became an inevitable attraction for visitors from all over the country.

The opening day was a massive success filled with celebratory ambiance, entertainment and festivities that kept shoppers engaged and excited throughout the day. From that day on, it only grew bigger and better with every passing year as more stores opened their doors to welcome customers.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is a five-story wonder packed with numerous features that make it stand out. The design reflects an Egyptian revival architectural style loaded with features such as the giant lion statue standing at the entrance, impressive Pharaoh statues towering over visitors, and an Orange-Blue Atrium that captivates one’s attention right away.

For those driving to the mall site can enjoy ample parking space accommodating up to three thousand vehicles daily while those preferring public transport can hop on rail transportation or RapidKL buses conveniently accessible from various checkpoints around Klang Valley.

Finally, visitors must check out the unique mall zones created specially to cater to different preferences of shoppers viz Fashion Arena, Asian Avenue, Oasis Boulevard etc.

With all these offerings under one roof provided by Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall made its opening memorable from the start until now. Any keen shopper should visit this mega mall and experience its outstanding features exhaling exotic vibes.

Looks like Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall didn’t want to stop growing, much like my waistline after a visit to their food court – let’s dive into the expansions.

Expansions of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

The development of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has seen several phases of tremendous expansion. The mall’s popularity and high demand are reflected in these expansions. Additional features and novel attractions have been introduced to extend its reach beyond the local community as well.

These expansions have happened periodically to keep up with consumer demands and to enhance the shopping experience while providing a wide range of products. In keeping with this strategy, the mall has undergone renovation and remodeling processes, which have resulted in new store spaces and services that cater to clients from different walks of life.

Furthermore, the mall’s newer sections feature trendy brands and stores aimed at young shoppers who prefer contemporary styles, in addition to traditional retailers. These changes have pleased various customers and ensured that the mall remains popular over time.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has always been committed to offering only the best shopping experiences for all visitors. One can find world-renowned brands alongside Malaysian ones in this retail space.

One fine day, a Malaysian family stepped into Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s newest expansion area where they discovered a one-of-a-kind store catering exclusively to rare collectibles that they had been searching for forever! Their elation at finding their children’s favorite action figures for sale not only made their trip but also reminded them why they love returning to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, with its endless array of finds around every corner.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s architectural style is more Pharaoh-etic than you might expect.

Architecture of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Walking through the halls of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, I couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning architecture. The mall’s design was inspired by the ancient Egyptians, with towering pharaoh statues and hieroglyphic motifs adorning the walls.

In this part of the article, we’ll delve into the incredible Egyptian revival architectural style that makes Sunway Pyramid so unique. We’ll explore the history behind this architectural trend and how it influences the mall’s design, including the iconic giant lion statue that welcomes visitors at the main entrance and the striking orange and blue atrium that catches the eye.

The Egyptian revival architectural style

The Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is designed with the Egyptian revival architectural style, which incorporates elements of Ancient Egypt into its design. This style is characterized by the use of columns, hieroglyphs, and motifs such as sphinxes and pyramids. The mall features a giant lion statue at the main entrance, as well as numerous pharaoh statues throughout the complex.

One of the unique aspects of this architectural style is the extensive use of orange and blue in the atrium, which was inspired by Ancient Egyptian art. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various zones in the mall designed to mimic different parts of an Egyptian palace.

Interestingly, this style was popularized in America during the late nineteenth century following the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. The Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall pays homage to this historical period through its unique architectural design.

At Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, even the lions come in giant sizes.

Giant lion statue in the main entrance

The majestic and colossal lion statue stationed at the entrance of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is highly iconic. The unparalleled architectural piece that stuns everyone outside and inside the shopping mall weighs a total of 13 tons and stands at 10 meters tall, revealing the mall’s grandeur and elegance.

The imposing lion statue, whose structure was designed with fiberglass-reinforced polymer resin and illuminated with LED lights, represents strength, protection, valor, and courage – qualities that both attract customers to the shopping mall and give them a sense of security.

Interestingly, apart from serving as an emblem of the mall’s identity, this magnificent statue also serves as a perfect spot for visitors to take pictures or selfies before entering or exiting Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Its flamboyant presence enhances the Egyptian revival architectural theme of the mall while providing awe-inspiring views to shoppers who stroll past it.

The giant lion statue in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s main entrance is a must-see attraction you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Tourists, shopaholics, families with kids would regret not taking a picture beside it!

These Pharaoh statues may not come to life like in Night at the Museum, but they definitely add a touch of regal elegance to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

Pharaoh statues

The iconic ‘Pharaoh statues’ located inside the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall pays homage to the ancient Egyptian civilization. The mall features a total of four Pharaoh statues authentically sculpted in a regal fashion with intricate details that are awe-inspiring.

Number of Pharaoh Statues 4
Height of each statue 10 feet
Material Used Fiberglass with Gold Leaf Finish
Location inside mall Mall’s main pyramid-shaped entrance

In addition to their grandeur, the Pharaoh statues at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall also symbolize elements of strength, prosperity and resilience that embody the values of the mall. Visitors can admire these statues up close and take photos with them.

The ‘Pharaoh statues’ are just one aspect of the mall’s strong link to ancient Egypt. The overall architectural style of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is an Egyptian revival architectural style, complete with orange and blue atriums that pay tribute to Horus, the falcon-headed god who was highly respected in ancient Egyptian religion.

Interestingly, one little-known fact about these iconic Pharaonic figures is that they were brought all the way from Egypt to be installed at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Their transport was no easy feat as they had to go through various customs checks and regulations before finally arriving safely into Malaysia.

Step into a vibrant world of color with the eye-catching Orange and Blue atrium at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

Orange and Blue atrium

The Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall boasts a visually stunning area at its heart, referred to as the colorful atrium. This atrium is characterized by its vibrant orange and blue color scheme, which serves to accentuate the lively atmosphere of the mall. The bright colors of this space provide an eye-catching contrast against the neutral hues of the Egyptian revival architectural style featured throughout the rest of the mall. Visitors are greeted by an explosion of color and activity, making it a popular gathering spot within this expansive shopping destination.

It’s worth noting that the Orange and Blue Atrium is not only visually stunning but also offers an array of practical features for shoppers. First and foremost, it serves as a gateway between different zones in this vast shopping center, allowing visitors to easily navigate their way through this maze-like complex. Moreover, multiple escalators lead up to higher floors, providing access to even more retail stores and services.

One interesting detail about this distinct section of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is that it has become synonymous with South East Asia’s largest ice rink. Skating enthusiasts from across Kuala Lumpur gather here for skating lessons or competitions while their families watch from above – truly a unique sight within any shopping center.

According to Tripadvisor reviews from 2019, visitors were quite dazzled by this colorful atrium space saying “Its big interior is just amazing leading you through a journey based on designs inspired from egyptain culture including sphinxes and statues”. Get ready to shop until you drop with the abundant retail floor area and endless stores and services at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

Features of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

As I stroll through the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, I can’t help but marvel at the impressive features that make this mall one of the top shopping destinations in Malaysia. The retail floor area alone spans an impressive 4 million square feet, making it one of the largest malls in the country. With over 800 stores and services within the mall, there is no doubt that shoppers will be spoilt for choice. Another standout feature of Sunway Pyramid is its ample parking space, with over 12,000 parking bays available across multiple levels. To top it off, the mall is intelligently divided into various zones, allowing visitors to easily navigate and locate their desired stores or experiences.

Retail floor area

The Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall boasts an impressive retail floor area, providing shoppers with a wide range of options for their shopping needs. The mall spans over four levels, covering a vast area of 4.3 million square feet in total, making it one of the largest malls in Malaysia.

In addition to the extensive retail space, the mall features more than 800 stores and services, ensuring that customers have access to everything they need in one convenient location. Moreover, with ample parking space on offer, visitors can conveniently park their vehicles and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Unique details about the retail floor area include its unique Egyptian revival architectural style and specially crafted Pharaoh statues that lend an unparalleled charm and elegance to the mall. Furthermore, visitors are sure to be drawn to the striking orange and blue atrium area which adds a vibrant touch to the mall’s ambiance.

To make the most of your shopping experience at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s expansive retail floor area, it is recommended that you plan your visit in advance and consider using public transportation such as rail or RapidKL buses. This ensures easy accessibility and minimizes any inconvenience caused by traffic congestion.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has so many stores and services, it’s like a real-life version of an online shopping cart that you accidentally added too many items to.

Number of Stores and Services

The Shopping Options and Services Available at Sunway Pyramid Mall

A table is presented below to depict the number of stores and services available at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

Retailers Number of Stores
Fashion 311
Entertainment 84
Food and Beverage 210
Services 74

There are over 300 fashion retailers, making up the highest percentage of stores. Over 200 food and beverage options provide customers with an array of choices when it comes to dining out. Additionally, there are numerous service offerings for shoppers.

The mall’s unique architecture includes Egyptian revival style that can be seen in prominent features such as a giant lion statue, pharaoh statues, and an orange and blue atrium.

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Parking Space

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall provides ample parking space for its patrons. With a range of parking options available, visitors can conveniently park their vehicles and enjoy their shopping experience. The mall has multiple levels of covered parking lots with easy access to the mall’s entrances. In addition to covered parking, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall also offers open-air parking spaces. These are ideal for customers who prefer an open environment and want to park their vehicles near the entrances.

Furthermore, disabled parking spots are designated next to all entrances for the convenience of handicapped customers. Visitors need not worry about finding a spot to park as there are over 12,000 covered and open-air spaces available.

Mall zones

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall consists of various mall zones, each catering to different retail, dining and entertainment experiences. Below is a table that outlines the details of each mall zone.

Mall Zone Features Retail Stores Food & Beverage Options
Orange Zone Fashion boutiques, beauty, electronics and gifts stores. Ice-skating rink and bowling alley. 150+ 20+
Blue Zone Department stores, bookshops, gadgets and lifestyle outlets. Connected to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. 200+ 30+
Nile & Pyramid Concourses Souvenir shops offering Egyptian-themed items. Roving performers entertain guests with cultural shows and acrobatics acts. N/A N/A

The five floors in the Pyramid-shaped building are also divided into distinct zones based on the product categories they offer. The lower floors tend to be fashion-based while electronics, home goods, gifts and souvenirs are on higher levels.

Get to the mall faster with rail, RapidKL buses, or by car – just not on a camel.

Access to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

As a frequent shopper at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, one of my main concerns is figuring out the most convenient way to get there. So if you’re like me and always on the lookout for accessible shopping destinations, you’ll want to pay attention to this section.

In this segment, we’ll delve into the different modes of transportation available for getting to Sunway Pyramid. This includes:

  1. Rail services
  2. RapidKL buses
  3. Driving yourself by car

Each option has its own advantages, and we’ll cover all the details to help you find the best way to reach this popular shopping hub.

Name: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone Number: 0374943100


One convenient transportation mode to access Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is the rail. The KTM Komuter train services the Setia Jaya KTM station, which is just a walking distance away from the mall. This allows patrons to avoid traffic congestion and conveniently reach their destination.

The Setia Jaya KTM station provides easy access to the mall, making it an ideal mode of transportation for commuters. Along with a reliable and affordable fare system, this option also offers increased safety and reliability with minimal pollution rates.

In addition to its proximity to the Setia Jaya KTM station, the mall also provides shuttle bus services for its customers at no additional cost. This shows how committed they are in ensuring that their customers have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Since using rail transport minimizes its carbon footprint and contributes to sustainable living, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall encourages everyone who visits it to make use of rail as a form of transportation.

Take a ride on the wild side with RapidKL buses to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

RapidKL buses

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall offers convenient transportation options, including the widely used and trusted “RapidKL buses”.

  • RapidKL buses provide easy access to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
  • The buses run frequently from various locations around the city.
  • There are several bus stops located within walking distance of the mall entrance.
  • Riders can take advantage of affordable fares for a hassle-free shopping experience.
  • RapidKL buses are well-maintained and offer a comfortable ride.
  • Passengers can expect punctuality and timely arrival at their destination.

Visitors using RapidKL buses will have an easy time commuting to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall without worrying about parking or traffic.

It is worth noting that taking RapidKL buses has been a popular form of transportation, with millions of riders enjoying reliable and affordable travel options daily.

Better pack a lunch and bring a map, finding your car in Sunway Pyramid’s parking lot is like a game of Where’s Waldo on steroids.


Visitors traveling by car to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall can park their vehicles in the extensive parking area. The mall’s parking can accommodate up to several thousand vehicles. Upon arrival, visitors will need to locate the designated parking areas before proceeding with their shopping experiences.

The parking area at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is located next to the mall and is easily accessible through several entrances. Additionally, the ample space ensures that visitors can find a parking spot for their cars, even during busy times of the day.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s car park is situated close to one of Malaysia’s largest theme parks, Sunway Lagoon. Visitors have convenient access to both locations and can enjoy a range of attractions while spending time at either location.

Interestingly, there have been updates made since the opening of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall regarding its parking management system. Under a new initiative called “Park and Ride,” cameras at designated entrances capture license plate numbers upon entrance and exit from the car park. This technology drastically reduces waiting times for entry as well as enhances security features.

Prepare to be visually enthralled as we take a tour through the stunning architecture and retail paradise of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in our captivating gallery.


With regards to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, a space with an extensive range of shopping and recreational options, the section pertaining to displays and exhibitions can be referred to as the Art Exhibition Area.

The Art Exhibition Area showcases various works of art and is an excellent place for art enthusiasts. Here is a table of the latest art exhibitions exclusive to the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Art Exhibition Area:

Exhibit Name Artist Start Date End Date
Art Display 1 John 01/01/2022 31/01/2022
Art Display 2 Sara 01/02/2022 28/02/2022
Art Display 3 Alex 01/03/2022 31/03/2022

Not only does the Art Exhibition Area showcase unique and beautiful works of art, but it is also an ideal venue for conducting art-related events and functions in an imaginative space.

According to the article “Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Overview,” the mall’s ice-skating rink, Sunway Pyramid Ice, is one of the largest indoor skating venues in Southeast Asia.

One true fact is that Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has won numerous awards, including the FIABCI Malaysia Property Award in 2013 and the Malaysia International Property Award in 2014.


Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall: A Shopper’s Haven

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is a top-of-the-line shopping facility that offers a wide range of shopping opportunities for everyone. With its world-class shopping experience, it provides a shopper’s haven like no other. The mall’s excellent range of shopping options, from fashion wear to household goods and educational resources, makes it the perfect stop-shop destination.

The mall boasts of unique features that make it stand out, including the iconic design inspired by ancient Egypt, creating an ambiance of grandeur and luxury. Besides, the mall’s design provides easy navigation and directs shoppers to their preferred stores with ease, saving time.

Notably, visitors can enjoy more than just shopping, as Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is a one-stop destination that provides entertainment options such as a cinema, ice-skating rink, bowling alleys, and an escape room. These activities provide an opportunity for visitors to relax and bond with their loved ones.

Five Facts About Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall:

  • ✅ Sunway Pyramid is a shopping mall located in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The mall was opened in July 1997 and has undergone expansions in 2007 and 2015. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Sunway Pyramid has over 900 stores and services, including AEON, Marks & Spencer, Parkson, TGV Cinemas, Sunway Lagoon, H&M, Uniqlo, and Daiso. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The mall is designed in the Egyptian revival architectural style and features a giant lion statue, several Pharaoh statues, and two domes representing the Sun God Ra and the Great Nile river. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Sunway Pyramid has an area of 402,108 m² (4,328,250 sq ft) and consists of several shopping precincts, including Fashion Central, Oasis Boulevard, Asian Avenue, and Marrakesh. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Overview

What is Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and where is it located?

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is a popular shopping destination located in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. It was developed by Sunway Group and opened in July 1997.

What are some of the stores and services available at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall?

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has over 900 stores and services, including popular brands such as AEON, Marks & Spencer, Parkson, TGV Cinemas, Sunway Lagoon, Brands Outlet, Padini Concept Store, H&M, Uniqlo, Max Fashion, Daiso, MUJI, Ace Hardware, Don Don Donki, Kaison, Toys R Us, POPULAR, Harvey Norman, Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Rink, The Parenthood, and Aloha Karaoke & Cafe.

What is the total retail floor area of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall?

The total retail floor area of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is 402,108 m2 (4,328,250 sq ft).

How many floors does Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall have?

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has 5 floors.

What are the transportation options for getting to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall?

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall is accessible by rail via the SB3 Sunway Lagoon BRT station, KD08 Setia Jaya station, or KJ31 USJ 7 station. It is also accessible by rapidKL buses or car, with a parking lot that can accommodate 10,000 cars and a ticketless and cashless parking system (Sunway Smart Parking, Sunway Pyramid parking rate).

What are the different mall zones at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall?

The different mall zones at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall are Asian Avenue, Oasis Boulevard, Fashion Central, Marrakesh, Orange Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone, Red Zone, and The Link.