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Struggling with fleas at home? Eco Pest Control can help in Malaysia! We understand the importance of a safe environment. Our experts are dedicated to using simple, effective flea prevention techniques. Quickly resolve your pest problem with us!


Eco Pest Control did a great job removing the fleas. After one treatment they were gone! Prompt, affordable, and friendly staff. Thank you Eco Pest Control. – Mr.Tee

    Professional Ticks & Fleas Extermination & Prevention

    Eco Pest Control offers effective fleas extermination and prevention services, making sure your family or business can remain safe from these pests. Our experienced professional technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that your property is kept safe from all kinds of ticks & fleas.

    It is important to note that flea infestations tend to be tough and challenging to eliminate, and therefore must be managed intensively by professional pest controllers for complete resolution. Our specially-developed flea control program consists of series of coordinated steps designed to identify, monitor, treat and manage any flea-related issues found on your premises.

    With our prompt service and reliable pest expertise, rest assured that Eco Pest Control can keep your home safe from these destructive & disturbing pests.

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    Pest Control Services

    Reasons To Choose Us For Fleas Control

    At Eco Pest Control, we know how important it is to protect your family and home from fleas. We offer treatments and solutions to keep your home flea-free, and your family safe. Our team of experts have years of experience in finding and treating fleas. Here are a few reason why you should choose us.

    Trained Pest Control Specialist

    Our team of professionally trained pest control specialists use their expertise along with the latest technologies and materials so we are able to offer professional results that meet with customer satisfaction each time.

    Customized Services

    Every homeowner and property is unique, so our services are tailored to fit each situation. Our technicians will assess and understand every part of the area before giving you the best solution.

    Affordable Price

    We offer competitive prices for all types of regularly scheduled fleas control services as well as quarterly maintenance service packages without compromising quality of service.

    How the Fleas Control Service Works


    The first step to identifying and controlling fleas is an inspection. Our professionally trained technicians will assess the property and identify the source of the infestation, as well as other hot spots likely to contain fleas.

    Start The Treatment

    After a thorough inspection, we make recommendations for treating areas that are prone to flea infestation. Depending on the size of the affected area and severity of the flea population, different solutions may be recommended in order to most effectively reduce your infestations.

    Follow Up

    Once the initial treatment is over, we'll monitor the property and do re-treatments if needed.

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional For Flea Infestation

    When a flea infestation is present, many homeowners may think they can take care of it themselves. However, DIY solutions may not be sufficient. The best choice is to hire a professional pest control service. Here are the advantages of using a pro:

    • Expertise: Pro technicians are trained to identify fleas and know which treatment works best for the issue.

    • Comprehensive Treatment Plan: Custom plans created by pros will ensure complete elimination now, and in the future. This includes spraying inside and outside, as well as monitoring any extra signs of fleas.

    • Prevention Plan: Pros provide tips on avoiding future issues, like environment modifications and removing breeding grounds. They also suggest product use and management techniques.

    • Safe Products: Professionals use safe products to take care of the problem, while keeping your family’s safety and health in mind.

    What Our Customers Say About Our Fleas Removal

    At Eco Pest Control, we care about giving excellent flea removal services. We understand the struggle of living with fleas and do our best to keep your family safe. Our trustworthiness has earned us a great reputation. To prove our services, here are some customer testimonials:

    I never knew I had fleas until I saw them crawling around. Eco Pest Control was recommended and they went beyond my expectations. The team was friendly, quick, and professional. Now the fleas are gone and I can relax in my home. Highly recommend!
    Mr Chai
    I was looking for a team that could handle my fleas infestation in an efficient and reliable manner, and Eco Pest Control did not disappoint! They gave me an accurate estimate for the cost upfront which made it easy for me to commit to using their services. In just a few days, the team was able to completely eliminate the flea population from my home without compromising safety or comfort.

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    We at Eco Pest Control knows how irritating flea infestations can be. Our certified specialists are here to help you get rid of them. We offer fast, safe flea removal. Plus, our services in Malaysia are cost-efficient! Our team evaluates the level of the infestation, then provides solutions and preventive measures. That way, fleas won’t come back!

    If you’re looking for fleas control services in Malaysia, give us a call. We’ll provide a free quote and explain our services.

    Pest Control Works

    Here are some of the works we have completed by our pest control specialists.

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    pest inspection
    pest control service

    FAQs about Fleas Control

    The cost of fleas control in Malaysia varies depending on the size and complexity of the infestation. Eco Pest Control is flexible and will provide you with a customized plan for your particular flea situation based on your needs and budget.

    At Eco Pest Control, we use only environmentally-friendly products that are safe for pets and children. Your technician will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the infestation, determine the extent of the problem and customize a treatment plan accordingly.

    Yes! All of Eco Pest Control’s products are pet-friendly, odorless and non-toxic – our pest management professionals adhere rigorously to all applicable state, federal and local regulations related to using pesticides safely in or around homes where pets live.

    Get a Quote For Fleas Control

    We offer comprehensive fleas control services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced pest control professionals is trained to identify and treat flea infestations quickly and effectively – restoring peace of mind to our customers throughout Malaysia. Get it touch with our specialist to get a quote for fleas control in Malaysia.