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Are you looking for reliable pest control services in Malaysia? Eco Pest Control provides professional hotel pest control services to rid your business of pesky pests. With our expertise, your hotel will be safe from pests and create a pleasing environment for guests. Let us help you take back control of your business today!


Eco Pest Control gave us helpful advice and tailored solutions. Their experts went beyond our expectations. – Maggie Chua

    Professional Pest Control Services For Hotels

    We are a top provider of pest control services for hotels in Malaysia.

    Our goal is to offer the best solutions to pest issues in hotels. Our team is experienced in dealing with various insects, rodents, and birds.

    We can assist with any pest problems in your hotel. These may include bed bugs, cockroaches, or ants. Our experts will inspect your property to identify any risk factors or conditions related to the pests.

    Furthermore, we provide monthly preventive treatments to reduce potential risk factors that may attract new pests. We stay up to date with modern technology and best practices in the industry. We can provide advice on industry products for purchase that aid in our pest control process.

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    Pest Control Services

    Reasons To Choose us For Hotel Pest Control

    Experienced in Pest Control

    Our technicians are equipped with powerful equipment and up-to-date technological tools which are designed to tackle any pest problem, no matter how big or small.

    Access to Professional Methods

    We employ advanced pest control treatments depending on the severity of the infestation. These methods guarantee complete elimination and 90% less chance of re-infestation.

    Affordable Price

    We strive in providing top quality service with reasonable price for our customers as client satisfaction is always our priority focus when we develop reliable room services plan for your hotel’s pest management problems.

    Our Process For Hotel Pest Control

    At Eco Pest Control, we understand the importance of providing a safe defensive perimeter against any intrusive pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches and other insects. Therefore, we are dedicated to provide our professional pest control services in Malaysia for hotels. Our process for hotel pest control service involves 3 simple steps:


    Our task force will conduct an onsite inspection to detect the situation and evaluate the scale of the problem and its areas of concentration.

    Start The Treatment

    During this time our technicians will identify and target affected areas using a highly effective insecticides that are tailored according to your individual requirements based on from our inspected areas earlier.

    Follow Up

    Finally, post treatment monitoring and maintenance visits are recommended in order to ensure absolute subjugation of any future infestations which could wreak havoc upon your business operations or brand reputation.

    Hotel Pest Control Service

    Benefits of Pest Control Service for Hotels

    Hotel operators and managers always try to give their guests top-notch service, with a hygienic and pest-free stay. Pest control services are necessary for hotels to stay compliant. Eco Pest Control has the perfect solution for hotels looking for reliable pest management.

    Benefits of choosing a professional for hotel pest control.

    • Reduction of harmful pests: Our experienced techs can help reduce infestations by getting rid of bugs and rodents fast.
    • Peace of mind for guests: Guests can have peace of mind knowing their health won’t be at risk due to pests.
    • Prevention techniques: We’ll provide preventative measures to stop infestations from happening again. Sealing off access gaps and creating inspections are some of these methods.
    • Proactive solutions: We address issues quickly before they cause damage to the hotel’s structure or reputation.
    Cockroach Control Services

    What Our Customers Say About Hotel Pest Control

    Eco Pest Control offers hotels in Malaysia customized pest solutions. Our team of specialists understands what’s required for a safe and hygienic environment. The techniques we use are effective and eco-friendly, plus they come at an affordable price.

    We’ve been working with many Malaysian hotels and they are thrilled with our services. Here’s what some of them had to say:

    Eco Pest Control solved our ant problem in just a couple of weeks. Their staff were professional and really listened to our requests. We highly recommend them!
    Sihan Lee
    We had a cockroach issue in the hotel and guest rooms. Eco Pest Control's team of professionals fixed it fast and discreetly.
    Isaac Wong

    Contact Our Pest Control Specialist

    If you are looking for an experienced pest control provider in Malaysia, contact us today to find out how we can help you eliminate pests on your property. Whether it’s eliminating an existing infestation or preventive maintenance, our goal is always the same—to protect your business’s investment with reliable and timely services that ensure safety and long term pest prevention solutions.

    Pest Control Works

    Here are some of the works we have completed by our pest control specialists.

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    pest inspection
    pest control service

    Popular Service Areas

    Eco Pest Control understands that each hospitality or hospitality-related business requires a different approach to meet their needs. We provide comprehensive pest control services in Malaysia to numerous hotels, resorts and spas all over the country. Our professional technicians understand the unique situation of each hotel, resort and spa, and deliver tailored solutions. We offer pest control services in many parts of Malaysia including:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The frequency of pest control services depends on the type and severity of the pest problem. However, we recommend that hotels schedule regular pest control services at least once every quarter to prevent infestations.

    Yes, we prioritize the safety of guests and staff in all of our pest control services. We use eco-friendly and safe chemical treatments, and our technicians are trained to use all equipment and methods safely and effectively.

    Hotels can take several steps to prevent pest infestations, such as sealing all cracks and gaps, keeping food in sealed containers, ensuring proper waste management, and maintaining a clean environment. Our technicians can provide additional recommendations after conducting a thorough inspection of the premises.

    Get a Quote For Pest Control For Hotels

    We offer cost-effective solutions to hotels throughout Malaysia. Our services include bed bug control, rodent and termite treatment, cockroach control, fumigation and more. Our certified and experienced professionals understand the importance of delivering quality pest management services. Contact us for your pest control needs for hotels.