Termite Baiting System Malaysia

Are you concerned about termite infestation in your home and searching for a reliable pest control system? We offer the most effective termite baiting system in Malaysia to help protect your property from these destructive pests. You can now get rid of those pesky critters with our reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions!


I tried various pest control options and spent a lot of money. Then, I tried Eco Pest Control’s Termite Baiting System. Now, I can rest easy knowing my home is free from termites. – Nurul

    Professional Termite Baiting System in Malaysia

    Termite baiting in Malaysia is a successful and professional way to get rid of termites from homes and businesses. You place termite bait stations in strategic spots around the property. These stations have an attractive bait that termites eat and take back to their colonies, reducing and eliminating the colony.

    Using a professional termite baiting system in Malaysia has many benefits, including:

    1. A non-invasive control of termites with no need for drilling or digging.
    2. An eco-friendly approach without any toxic chemicals.
    3. Long-term protection from termite infestations.

    If you think you have a termite infestation, contact our team from Eco Pest Control. We’ll will inspect and provide effective termite control solutions.


    Termite Baiting System

    Reasons To Choose Our Termite Baiting System

    Proven Results

    Our progressed methodology and exploration offer proven results for your home or business. It is guaranteed to secure your property from termite harm in a cost-effective way with minor disruption to your everyday schedule.

    Eco Friendly

    We utilize non-toxic, eco-friendly baits to terminate the termites while maintaining the environment. The design of the stations and baits oppose traditional methods of chemical treatments with dangerous toxins— ensuring safe, non-toxic outcomes for your property.

    Affordable Price

    Our appealing pricing builds a cost-effective pest management solution without sacrificing the quality or performance of our items and services— making our sophisticated technology available to everyone in need of termite protection!

    How Does Termite Baiting System Work?

    Eco Pest Control will take the following 4 steps to eliminate termite colonies from your property:

    1. Bait Station Installation – Our team will place specially-designed bait stations near the roof line, external walls, windows, doors, patio decks, and other visible areas affected by termites.
    2. Attracting Termites – Our bait stations use pheromones to attract termites. The ingredients in our bait systems are non-toxic to humans but effective at eliminating termite colonies.
    3. Termites Feeding – When they find the bait station, termites will start to feed on it. The poison in the bait will spread throughout their colony.
    4. Colony Elimination – Our experts will provide enough poison in the bait station over a period of time. This will eliminate the entire termite colony without any trace or harm done to your property. We practice environmentally friendly pest control methods.
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    What Our Customers Say About Our Termite Baiting System

    Many customers have already experienced the efficacy of Eco Pest Control’s termite baiting system in Malaysia. Here are three testimonials from our customer reviews:

    My house was infested with termites but after the termite baiting system from Eco Pest Control solved it all! I'm really impressed! Highly recommend it!
    The best part about Eco Pest Control's Termite Baiting System is that it not only eliminates existing pests but also stops other ones from coming in my house in future! Highly recommend it.

    Contact Us For Termite Baiting System

    At Eco Pest Control, we provide effective termite baiting systems for residential buildings and commercial premises in Malaysia. Our highly-trained team of experts understand the different types of termites and specialize in eradicating them completely. Contact us now for more information on our efficient and highly successful termite baiting system in Malaysia.

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    FAQs about Termite Baiting System

    When it comes to termite baiting system in Malaysia, there are a lot of questions our customers have in mind. Here at Eco Pest Control, we have compiled numerous frequently asked questions (FAQs) about termite baiting sysetms. Read through these FAQs to gain information that can help you make informed decisions for this termite control method.

    The cost of the termite baiting system largely depends on factors such as type of bait used, size of affected area as well as complexity of treatment procedure required by technician.

    termite baiting system works by placing special bait stations around the perimeter of your home. These stations contain a non-toxic bait that is designed to attract termites. When the termites eat the bait, they carry it back to their nest, and the entire nest is eliminated.

    Yes, it’s an effective and eco-friendly way to exterminate live colonies of termites.

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    Eco Pest Control offers the best termite baiting system for home and commercial premises in Malaysia. Our professionals are experienced in dealing with termite infestations. Contact us for any questions about controlling termite infestation. Get a quote today for your termite control needs.